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Happy Friday Babes,

I am totally head over heels for these jeans. Super complimenting. It gives me curves I didn't know even possessed.I love crop shirts. Even before they became a thing again. That was big in the 90's . So I grew up to it. I wanted to wear it. But I think to some it doesn't come off that modest. Or that a big busty girl can wear it. But look at me now! Haha. I was thinking about this "Bring back the art" I feel like creativity is getting choked by social media. I mentioned this in my last post. I feel like everything can be so Instagram sometimes. So After watching glam masters where they really put the art back in makeup. Got me thinking.."How can I put the Art back into my life". Obviously blogging again has got me feeling inspired. Especially this time. I don't watch the numbers. I'm just proud of what I'm doing. What I'm wearing. Many of you might not know. I love taking pictures. Here's my page . Its a play on the words "I heart you" I really enjoy taking pictures of people. And its one of the most fulfilling moments for me in my art world.

Can I get another pair plz?

Act like you don't see this sun in my face?! lol 

I don't know what gets you going. But I encourage you to really get back to the "Art of your life".
Get out your head and really take "social media" out of your art. It will get you in a funk. A funk that seems impossible to get out of. Take baby steps.Do small things for the big things. For example, Stop watching the numbers. Put your pen to paper, hand to camera, or brush to paint. Go for it.

Hope you were encouraged by today's blog as much as I was.


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