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Hey Loves,
Not so fast! This week I’ve double the post. Hope you enjoyed my last post talking about jeans. Here we will discuss the beauty of popping that color! What makes a outfit that seems to have minimal color ideal for color popping? Well that’s a silly question. It’s the fact that color is lacking that makes it perfect for this trick. But the trickiest part I feel is not over doing the pop of color. Sometimes it’s just the shoes. Maybe even the necklace. In my case, I paired these amazing earrings I got from HM some time ago. Red lip just comes with the package. We are talking about Tellylovesfashion right? You can’t get one without the other hunny! So I could’ve just stop there. But lately I’ve been really obsessed with oversized fishnet socks. I got like every color lol. And I’m still adding more to the collection. Makes it perfect for this basic fashion trick. The classic pop of color bag. I feel like that should be implemented in every girl wardrobe. Stop matching the purse! Mix it up. I love when the purse pops the out at the outfit. That’s why I refused to by a black purse lol. Well... how did I do guys?

Hope you enjoyed todays “blogs”.
 So good to be back.

(Outfit Dets)
Front Grey Twist Sweater “Carianna”


  1. 2x in a week?! I'm loving it! I haven't worn my shoes just yet, but I'm ready to! EVERYTHING about this!!!!! #gorgeous!!! I need this sweater! Can't wait to link up and shoot!

    xx, Chanda | www.mschanda.com

    1. Thanks so much love!I'm planning on getting the beige ones!


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