The Vintage Coat: Trend of Winter 2016

Good Day Loves!

How was your weekend? Mines, lazy. The only time I moved was to shoot for this beautiful coat. Can we... I mean ... just talk about this beauty?! Guh! What started as a joke ended with me buying this bad boy. I tried it on for fun. To my surprise it fit and it looked great. My co-workers encouraged the buy also. After walking around the store like Beyonce. Haha It was a done deal!

I did my research and found that "Fur Neckpiece" coats are really in this season.This happens to be my first real fur purchase. I'm more comfortable with vintage fur. But you'll usually see me in faux fur.  Truth is, I have a thing for statement pieces. I own a lot of them. 
Which has its pros and cons. For those simple chic days where I aiming for that fashion minimalist look. I end up looking like a homeless person. Not in a kanye west kinda way either. Much worst. I think the Pros goes without saying. Just look at this beauty.
Vintage Coat , Jeans (similar) , Shoes

I dance during shoots to knock the nerves.

Hope you enjoyed today's read ! Tell next time babes.
Xoxox Telly

What are your favorite statement pieces? 


  1. Love it! I gotta come to your shop and go ham lol. This is giving me wintertime "Crazy In Love" with the tank, Jean, heels combo. Nice!

    1. Haha! I love your " This is giving me"'s lol! Thanks love!

  2. love the coat but can we talk about your gorgeous hair for a second? overall, amazing look!! :)

    xo, Chanda

    1. Thank you Love! Just trying to be like you on the hair tip! #SLAYAGE

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