Hello 25

Initially I thought 25 would be like a feeling I got. A feeling that would be sorta  frightening. In the gut. But when I say I sincerely walked into 25 just like any other day. I mean it. 

I realized how silly it was to be counting the days down. It wasn't until the day before I would realize that. It's like all my expectation just walked away. And I just said 
"Live Chantele" 

Other thoughts, I've made a conscience effort to be more of myself. Stop thinking about how many likes you will get. In reality or on Instagram. Real life doesn't have a like button. Stop getting caught up in what people think about you. I accept me. And the person I'm becoming. That's all that matters!

Cool thing! I ended up losing 10 pounds like I wanted. But if I'm not careful I will gain it back! Haha. Upon writing I literally ate several cookies! I know lol. Team Curvy! But my new goal is to lose 20 pounds before my anniversary. We'll see.

Below is my Lookbook for a gathering I attended... I had to be my most grown that day. 

Denim on denim with some awesome rustic details. I loved this very weekend appropriate look. 

This necklace is everything!

Telly Out! 

Necklace/$13/ Burlington Coat Factory

The Rebel who follows the rules..

Hey Fashion Babes!

Lets talk Rebel Wilson's Elle Uk cover. I think its wonderful. It definitely represents the fun and free girl we know rebel to be. So scrolling down my Facebook I saw a fellow blogger and friend post the cover giving it homage. Under the post I saw negative comments saying things like its "Unflattering" and "Awkward". First thing first everyone is entitled to their/an opinion. I actually love hearing other people thoughts on matters. But what absolutely burns my beans is women's ability to break each other down! Often times women focus on the negatives of each other verses saying " Girl you look good!"  I'm pretty sure Wilson wouldn't involuntarily sign off on a cover she found "Unflattering' or "Awkward" (Sips Tea) 

What I would love to see more of is women supporting each other whether it be awkward to you or not. See I know about this all to well. I'm goofy. I'm awkward. When I smile I have gums for days lol. But its me. So embrace me. Accept me. Support me!

A friend, comes to mind. She has these glasses which I hate. I hate them. So much guys! haha. I actually took them from her the other day and ran in hopes she would let me keep them from her. But she loves them. I have to support that. I WANT to support that. People in their individuality. Whether you be plus size , mini size, tall size, skinny size. I support the message of doing you. So tell me, what do you think about this cover?

 Below is my look-book when I felt my most REBEL:

Channeling my inner Rebel Wilson.

Outfit Dets:
Jacket/ Forever 21/ Platos Closet
Skirt/ Thrifted/ Borrowed (Not giving it back lol)
Shirt/ T-shirt/ Dots
Boots/ K-Mart/ Bogo got for $1!


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