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 Good Morning TellyLovers,

Today I've made up my mind to take a step back with blogging. Creatively I've lost my zeal. Honestly, Its taken  me almost 6 months to realize that. To be a successful blogger it isn't easy. The business side sometimes take a toll on you. Dealing with PR who could careless about your brand. Taking time out your day to come up with bomb content and no one takes time to read it , share, or push the like button. Don't get me wrong I love and appreciate those who do. But this post is about those who don't. I need to get back to the head space where I did not care about any of it. It was only about one thing... Fashion. You have to know it can get so hard to see people buy followers and likes and get the gigs. While you earnestly and honestly have gain the readership and the following. I need to take a step back to learn to enjoy this again. I've been dreading blogging lately. Dreading Instagram. I'm so bothered and I need to get back to my UNBOTHERED state. So today is my last post for some time. I won't put a time frame on it. Because who knows when i'll get out this funk. It could be 2 weeks or more, or even less. No worries I'll try to remain active on Instagram. But i'll be taking this time to revamp everything. I hope you enjoy these pics under which coincidentally i'm rocking my fashion blogger tee. Thank you all for reading my blog. I will be back soon.



What things would you like to see on my blog in the future?


Lets not waste any time here...
To be body positive does not mean that you don't care about your body's health. It means thee total opposite.
Body positivity comes from a place of love for your self. So with that love you know when your have put to much weight on your body. A lot, of bloggers will try to tell you different. But i'm here to share the true meaning. 
The past 3 years I've add over 50 pounds to myself. 
Even more than physical weight. I began to mentally be weighted down...

That's why in Jan. of this year I promised myself to shed more than pounds. Shed the hateful comments about my weight, shed the communities in blogging, shed the word plus size, shed other people standards, even my very own. I vowed to take better care of my health and show love to my body. That means drinking more water, and more balanced meals.


Don't think this post isn't about self acceptance. It is. I think that's what #bodypositive is about. But are we really accepting a unhealthy lifestyle? I was. Its food for thought. No pun intended. Health doesn't automatically equal a smaller waist. Health isn't tied to a size. Now that i'm sure of...

 In conclusion,
Body positive means for me.... The love for one's self. It needs no validation or recommendations. You simply will do whats right for your body... Love it.


#TellyLovesFitness if you read and felt this post, on your next workout day!

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A look book I wanted to drop in on your Thursday. 

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