Happy Blog Anniversary: TellyLovesFashion

Today is the day!

Today I mark one year of blogging and I can't believe the road I've been on. I started blogging to share my fashion and to accept my new body. Which was more curvy.
In the beginning I would have months where I didn't want to blog at all. I felt like I could never be as popular as the big bloggers. I even sometimes felt like I didn't have anything to offer the community. Sometimes getting so caught up in what others were doing I lost my self. But not any longer! 6 months ago I promised myself to stay in my own lane. And just be myself.  Not even worrying for one second what is "trending".
I never was like that. Although, I like trends now. I think they are fun and they keep fashion fresh.  So now, I'm doing me and having a ball doing it. Also, from blogging I've met some incredibly amazing people! My blogger big sisters are Lauren and Thamarr. I thank blogging for their friendship. They are truly my hype men on some of my lowest days. I adore them!

While it's only been a year. I know there are many more to come. And I can't wait for the road ahead. I appreciate everyone that reads my blog and follows me on Instagram liking my pictures. Commenting on my looks. Featuring me. I am truly grateful.

Last but not least blogging has helped me accept who I am. The funky fashionista with the curves. With the freckles and big hair. Turns out people like her.
Guess what? I love her.
So in conclusion... Telly just doesn't love fashion... She loves herself.
I can't wait to share more of me in the years to come.

Chao Babes!

Outfit Details: Boots / Just Fab - Thrifted, Dress / Leith- Thrifted , Faux Fur Vest/ Fashion to Figure- Sold Out

Gotta be  gangsta at some point of my shoot lol

Xx Telly


Hey Beauty Babes!

The weekend is over and Monday is here. How are we feeling?
Personally, I'm happy to be alive. Here's the thing, every Monday we cry
and complain and we not once think to ourselves that somewhere out in the world
there is a person who wishes they had just one more Monday.
Lets be grateful. For the big things and the small things.
Positive Vibes Only.
Over the weekend I took the time to just enjoyed them both.
My bed winning second place. My faith being first.
But nonetheless enjoying.
But when it was time to go out and play you know there was only one
way to do it...In style.

The Boyfriend Jean Find it Here

In Downtown Detroit we have "The River Walk."
The perfect place to reflect and gain solitude.
Its directly off the river and you can see Windsor, Canada on the other side.
Sometimes it can be a little chilly so this vest was the perfect touch to this very chic causal outfit.
I love the green undertones. Very neutral.

Unfortunately, the vest is SOLD OUT! But i'm not surprise because it absolutely perf! 

Perfect pop of print.

Paired with some neutral booties I recently thrifted. 
Striped top. An idea I got from Pinterest.( Here)
I have to say it was a beautiful evening.
Enjoy your day guys!

XX Telly

Lipstick, Heels & Late Nights

Hey There Fashion Babes!

Reporting to you live from FRIYAY!
I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. Every Monday I'm all like " Is it Friday yet?
Naturally, on Fridays I like to get glammed up for work. There's something so inspirational about Friday..
Whether its with your girls or with your guys or even your babe. One thing is for sure,
we are hanging out tonight! So what are we to wear?
I started with a nice skinny jean. This jean style leaves you feeling slim and sexy.
Next, a fun tee. "Lipstick, Heels & Late Nights".
That is the theme of my night for sure.
Pair it off with some pumps, sparkling accessories and some fab makeup.
Which I might bring to your intention to my new lippie.
Take a look...

Find Tee and Jeans they are FTF ( Fashion to Figure) Shoes Here (Payless) Use this coupon and get 25% off HERE

This Lippie Stixx is called "Grunge" by Colourpop. My new favorite lipstick for
the fall. Buy it HERE

What do you think? Did I nail this look?
I hope your Friday is a great one.
Actually I know it will be...
Because today we shall conquer!

XX Loves

Fall is officially here!

Good Day Fashion Bunnies!

Hope your Monday is going well. 
As I prepare for the week ahead, I reflect on this past weekend. 
We in Detroit had some incredible weather! So full of sun and soothing breezes.
I can't help but grow with excitement for this season.
The season is here! Its here! Fall!
I grabbed my fav black booties and just knew that they would be 
accompanied by some black leggings with a large tunic! 
Perfect for a date night with hubs. I love the collaborations leggings have with tunics. 
They are soulmates in my book.
Layered with a jacket or over-sized sweater adds a nice touch.
Here's my top 5 fav things to wear in the fall:

1. Booties
2. Dark Lippies
3. Leggings
4. Over-sized Sweaters
5. Tunics
6. Black Tights
7. Denim
8. Black (lol) 
9. Jackets
10. Full Skirts

..Did I say 5? I mean't 10 clearly! Haha.Couldn't contain my love for fall fashion.

The Leggings are from FTF Stanton Black Ponte Leggings and the Tunic is a Miley Chambray Tunic

 I could've given you more favorite looks easily! But I decided to save that for another post! 
What are your faves about fall fashion?
Tell me them in the comments section.

The purse as well as the jewelry were thrifted! Total score right?! Of course I did my research for you.
You can get this exact purse that retails for 68$! for only 35$ on gilt.com. Check it out!
Old Fave. This Deniem Jacket. Booties are from Walmart. 
Until next time!

Monday's OOTD

Happy Hump Day Loves!

Now you'll come to see this post will be short and sweet. 
Mainly because I don't have much to say or the time! 
Gesh, why can't Friday be here already ?! 
This week is kicking my tail.
 Never to much where fashion isn't apart of the equation. 
This dress is so comfortable for a girl on the run and while still trying to be cute at the same time. 
Its FTF's "Everyday Midi"
 I paired it with some wedged sneaks by Nike. My new fav shoe! Also, in olive green. The color is perfect color for the fall. It has many variations of the it. Mrs. Kim K West seems to be the queen of rocking this color. Us less rich and famous can have our hand at it. So here's mine. 
Enjoy your almost Friday Wednesday (Haha)! 

Dress is from FTF Sold Out, Shoes : Nike Sky Hi (old), Vest: Dots (old)

I plan on having every color!

Telly in the city!

Hey Fashion Babes!

Normally when you think of tulle you associate it with a little girl with a tiara on.
Not anymore! Tulle is now for the big girls too.
I noticed us girls normally go for a more sporty look with it.
That includes graphic tee's, the denim button up, and the infamous leather jacket.
I decided to go more feminine... 

 Isn't this sequin top to die for?! Its BCBG Maxazria. It retails for 448$! But guess who got it for under 20 bucks?! Moi. The moment I laid eyes on this top I knew what I would be pairing it with.
Such a feminine look. Perfect for a "Girls Night Out".

Pop the pink out with my oh so favorite mac lipstick " Flat out Fabulous" 

So in conclusion their are no rules to tulle just to... BE YOU!

BCBG Maxazria Sequin Top// Thrifted - Retails for 448$!
Tulle Skirt//Windsor Store
Shoes// Payless// Old

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