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"Monday, Whats good?!" That's what I captioned for this style preview on Instagram. Those words couldn't be more true to my mood today. You guys for the past week I've been sick in bed. Peeling myself out Friday night only to relasp horribly. But we got mad convo to talk about.. 
Vmas was amazing! #Beyhive #BeyMAS The fade video! Teyana Taylor is body goals.
Lets talk how the words on my jacket has me in such a honest space. Real.
Blogging can be tough. You try your hardest not to compare and you are back there minutes after that promise is made. In this business blogging is about numbers. Likes, Follows, Audience. If you cant prove you have those things. Well you aren't worth working with. Brands are about "What can you do for me?"  I love sharing my style with you guys. its truly something I love. So I have to get back to why I started. To share my style.


PHOTOS BY: Jordvnxryvn

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What would you guys like to see more of?

We all scream for Olive Green

Not use to seeing me on Saturday? Well get use to it babes. Can we talk about how fall snuk up on us????  Its literally 25 days until.So that means we have to lose some of these summer time color patterns. Thankfully these jeans are not one of them. Its actually a color your gonna see more of this fall. That and burgundy. I've been shopping around and it looks like burgundy will be a big part of this years fall. I'm pretty excited about it because the color is so rich. Lets take a look at this year's Fall Pantone Color Report 2016

How amazing right?!

Fashion to Figure definitely got the memo for bringing color to this season. Check out these lovely denim  pants i'll be showcasing on their blog this coming week. Use my Affiliate code for 30% Tellylovesfashion. 



3 Ways To Wear Tropical Prints

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Earth Tones

Hey Babes!
Its Monday....
How are we doing? Me, on the other hand i'm loving this look below.
My first attempt at a tubed dress and I'm not mad. Definitely a step out my comfort zone but that's my aim this summer. Trying new things. Have you tried a tubed dress before? What was your take on it?
The color is amazing. I'm here for all things rustic and earth tones. That brings me to my next fave. This wrap jacket. Olive! If you've been following me on the blog you know I heart olive green(khaki). So how did I do? Enjoy below. 


Photos by: creative_focus_productions

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Primary Colors

Let talk about how I love these colors! 
These primary colors gives me all the feels. 
Turquoise being my fave. 
This skirt  really pops the color right?
So on these lovely hump day i'm bring you some vibrant rays.
No matter how your week is going.. Remember you have the power to change it.


Rocker Chic

Hey Loves...
So i'm popping in on your Thursday to talk about layers!
In this look you see me pair this oh so sheer lace dress with a tube top. Little out of my comfort zone. But it didn't take long before I started twirling in this beauty. (Haha.) Normally you might see a woman pair this with a bra. But if your aiming for modestly like Moi. Go for the cami or wide tube top. With this look you could do denim shorts or leggings like myself. I totally went edgy with the top knot and shoes. Which I totally love! So odd. I love that. 
So today's style tip.. When in sheer.. layer it up!


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