Shopping in Orlando wearing Tanvi Kedia

Hello my fashion babes...

I've been thinking.... What would life be without fashion? So Blah!! Soooo boring. Everyone wearing the same thing?! Geesh. Can't even talk about that any further. In other news, I'm counting the days down until I turn 25. That's exactly 1 week and 3 days from now. I've been losing weight, tapping into my creative side, and over all changing my view on things. I think setting goals can keep you focused on any journey. I'm focused. :)

So today I'm reflecting on shopping in Orlando at the Premium International Outlet. Me and hubby didn't have much time but I managed to get cornered by a Royale sales woman. And for the first time I gave it a chance. 

Royale is a hair straightener.These flat irons are bomb! Naturally the humid in Florida had my hair looking fluffy. Lol. But with these flat irons humidity didn't stand a chance. The flat irons were more than what I wanted to spend. But a good purchase for anyone that had that type of money. So I followed my gut and sure enough when I left the mall I found them on Amazon for not even half the price. Winning! If you haven't learn anything about me.. Telly LOVES a deal! Haha.

Preparing for my trip I wanted nothing but that Bohemian flair. So when I stumbled across this dress I lost it. I loooove india/bohemian/hippie chic. This dress was designed by Tanvi Kedia. A Indian designer. Her work is fab! Currently in-love with her. "Hippie deluxe" her own words. So I didn't think twice when pairing this dress with some jeans and my favorite sandals.

My Look book for shopping that day below:

My hair before the flat irons. YIKES!

Xoxo Telly!❤️


Dress: Regeneration Resale/$18 
-Tanvi Kedia- Retails for $198 Dress Sold Here (sold out)
Jeans: Old Navy/ $10
Sandals: Target/$7
Glimmered Ankita Dress

In-love with the coco..Coco Beach, FL.

Hey Loves!

This was the point in my trip I decided the beach was a necessary go. We didn't know until that Sunday if we could because the weather predicted a storm. But what I quickly learned in good ole Florida is that the weather is so unpredictable! haha. I gotta tell you. The moment I hit the beach it took my breathe away. Imagine me. Currently experiencing some of the most cold weather in MI. Feeling the sun hit my face. I was in heaven!
Enjoy my Lookbook below:

Take care loves!❤️
Attire: Thrifted. 

"Just Fierce"

Hey Loves!

Check out my lookbook for a wedding I recently attended. The funny thing is I had no intention on wearing this dress. This dress seems to be the kind of dress you forget you have. But in the most desperate moments you remember and rock it. Totally had a "I'm Fat" and "Nothing fits" moment before I got to this look. It indeed saved the day. And made me feel confident in my curves. "Just fierce" darling!

Tell me about a time you had to wrestle with yourself for fierce results?!

 The coat was a lot out of my comfort zone. But I had a great time with it.

Dress/Thrifted $3!!
Shoes/Payless $17
Earrings/Gift/Charming Charlies

    Xoxo! TELLY OuT❤️

25 Days til 25

In exactly 25 days I will be 25 years old...

Although I don't celebrate birthdays. I do acknowledge what turning 25 means. Its funny, I've mentioned to my older friends that I'm turning 25 and how its making me crazy. They laugh and mention how old they are. As if  25 isn't a large number by comparison. I just feel like its now or never. I feel if I continue this behavior of dreaming I will turn 30,35,40.. Dreaming. There are things I wanna do and there are things I wanna be. But I'm afraid I will or am growing complacent with dreaming. Like other adults I know. And by dreaming I mean using my mind's eye.
Its time that I take charge and do the things that will help me develop into the woman I will be proud of. Don't get me wrong. I love who I am now. In fact a customer told me the other day " The only way to get to where you wanna be is to appreciate the place you are." I completely agree!
Over the past 2 years I've been making moves I once only talked about. 

So as of Today, I have a bucket list counting the days til 25.
It goes as follows:

1. Photographer
2. Join a Dance Class (Hip Hop lol)
3.Start a Poetry Journal: Write once a week
4. Fashion Blogging
5. Exercise (Drop 10 pounds)
6. Sing in public
7. Singing Lessons (LOL)
8. Guitar Lessons
9. Dye my hair blonde
10. Lose 20 pounds by May 25
11. Get a job as a writer
12. Try Modeling
13. Walk 2 times a week.

Ok before I go I must say it will be quite impossible to fit all these things in 25 days. I don't plan on it. But the goal is to get these plans in action! And that is what I must do.
Watch me count the days to womanhood.
Stay tuned!


XOXO Telly =)

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