The Walk Fashion Show

          It was just this time last week that I attended "The Walk Fashion Show"  at The Garden Theater in Detroit, MI. I was brought in as Media so I got to sit very close to the stage. However, the room was so intimate I don't think that would've mattered. Upon arriving I was greeted by a friendly associate of the event who granted  me my all-access badge. The overall vibe I got from the show was very warm. Everyone supported the designers. Of course there were fan favorites. It personally seemed they were the biggest fan of designer 24 Hour Creations:

His style was very creative.  And the crowd really loved his work. He used lots of denim and floral pattern. Even my husband mentioned he would like to wear his collection:
Hubby looking at collection :)

 In the words of the designer, he said the collection was urban wear with a bit of high fashion that is intended to be wearable and not found in stores, completely exclusive. Talk about a designer that hit his style description dead on!

Totally fab!

Lets talk what I wore! I decided to wear an over-sized blazer recently purchased from Value World. I then paired it with black leggings and a simple black tee. Now my  favorite part of the outfit is this beautiful necklace I got from Forever 21! I'm totally addicted to it! Necklace Here I believe I wore it 3 times since Saturday. (lol)

Overall the fashion show was lovely. Wasn't a fan of all the designers. But that was to be expected. The MC was very entertaining and runway music was accompanied by live drums. All those in connection with putting on this event should be proud as it turned out great. I'm really looking forward to the next event. Be sure to check them out next time if you haven't already. Click Here


Wednesday's Meditations

“Please do not have a fit in the fitting room. Your fashion life begins there.”

 Florence Eiseman

Since the beginning of my blogging journey, I've had a wrestling with my self-image. Often those times were in the fitting room. I really do love the way I look. But at times I don't. Those times are only when I can't find things that fit me. Being 6'0" ft tall with more curves than a cinnamon roll (Lol) and a size 11 shoe its very difficult to dress myself. That's why I think I resort to thrifting. Not only do I appreciate the style. I also appreciate the fit. 

It seems like back then they focused on the curves of a woman. Now I feel like designers are dressing size 0 models. A little under 2 years ago I wore a size 10. That was the easiest shopping of my life. I often didn't even have to try on a outfit before I bought it. I dare not try that now. Lol. I empathize with women my size and bigger. It's a difficult task. But what helps me is the fashion blogging world. Seeing women of all shapes and sizes own fashion. It's so encouraging for me. And if I'm being encouraged by a blogger, I'm sure I'm doing the same for someone. So that's what helps me. That interchange between women that is so often discarded. My goal is to appreciate all women. Even the mean ones lol. Cause we all inspire each other. 

Comment a fashion blogger below who inspires you. :)

Telly on being "All Dolled Up" (Part 1)

Hey Fashion friends! 

Today we talk my experience with being featured in the Detroit Metro Times. It was AWESOME! I really enjoyed this opportunity. I thought to myself "Feature me?" YEAH ! That's rights ME! Sometimes I have the worst case of getting into my own head. Being my biggest critic. New to the fashion blog world I wondered what do I wear or what do I say?! When I finally calm myself down. I could really feel the excitement. Alysa was wonderful! Very inviting and friendly. We chatted about both being newlyweds, etc. Before I knew it are session was up. 

                 (Selfie for the road)
Now fast forward to Wednesday November 19th. This issue was out! First thing I did upon opening my eyes is go to and search the blog "All Dolled Up". There I was all dolled up. :)
With butterflies in my stomach I hunted all morning to find a paper copy. Finally discovering them I took several copies. Haha. This has been an awesome experience for me. I know it will be the first of many. But it will always be the first. :) 

Do yourself a favor and click the link below! 

Telly on being "All Dolled Up" (Part 2)

What did I wear?

You wanna know how many times I changed my outfit for this feature? You don't. Lol. Trust me. It literally preoccupied my brain. While doing that (obsessing) I realized I tend to dress based on whether the sun comes out or not. The first time Alysa and I scheduled our meet we had to unfortunately reschedule due to the weather. It was pouring rain! Gloomy and cloudy that Thursday. But in that moment I thought black skirt & denim paisley shirt!

(Pictured Here)

Now when the time came for me to choose an outfit it was a bright and sunny Monday I decided to choose some vibrant colors so I can stand out among-st the many pages in Metro Times. I really love this skirt its by far my favorite! The colors in the skirt as well as the patterns in the skirt are everything! Because I openly discuss my obsession with mixing prints and patterns. I decided to go that route for my feature. Seeing how a image is forever I knew I wouldn't regret it! I couldn't be happier honestly with how this turned out. Although it was warm, by the end of the day I was ready for a light jacket. That's when my denim forever 21 jacket came in handy. One of my favorite looks to date. 

Jacket, Forever 21: $16
Clip-on earrings, Value World: $.85
Necklace, Clinton Township thrift shop: $8
Bracelet, Dots: $3
Top, Value World: $.80
Skirt, Value World: $3.50
Tights, Burlington Coat Factory: $3
Shoes, Plato's Closet: $10

Tell Me: How you like my choice?

The Hunter & The Animal

Today I felt no desire to get dressed. But since wearing clothes are required in today's society I decided to abide per usual. Lol! Say hello to another men's blazer in my closet. This hunter green beauty is a perfect neutral. Whether or not you are wearing it as a pair of pants, watch, purse, or like me a blazer. This color really brings a richness to your look. Here in Detroit we are moving rapidly from fall to winter. So it helps that this blazer is made from wool. I believe I purchased this blazer back when I was working for David's Bridal from Value World for probably no more than $2. Paired with my favorite little black dress. Leopard pumps. Leopard scarf. And also a hunter green cross body purse. Vintage. I got that from a free clothing drive. Last but not least simple gold accessories. 
Enjoy your Sunday! 
and Leave your thoughts:)

Wednesday Evening

So this evening I was spotted out with this very red skirt. I purchased it the other day for only 50 cents! Can you believe it?! Paired with black attire down to my black cowgirl booties. (Love them) It was a simple chic kind of night! Although I didn't plan to share. I decided I loved the outfit enough! Hope you enjoy!

(Excuse the lighting in the photos. Still getting use to it getting dark so fast.)


Fall Colors: Mustard Yellow

Good Evening!

I recently was given this mustard yellow skirt set. It's by Jessica London. 
I really love this set! I mean it's so beautiful on the eyes and very comfortable to the feel. Made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. I think you could agree that this beauty is a comfortable one. It swings when you walk. But still heavy enough for the fall chill. A very nice canvas. By far one of my favorite fall colors. 

So what would I pair this beauty with? I initially thought my teal  shoes and a chunky teal necklace. Being without time and the necklace, I decided to go another route. Leopard! I bought these shoes from Payless just the other day. They are currently on sale for $17. I got them for cheaper! 
And they looked incredible compared to the dress.

Ok now! Let's talk accessories. At this point I had a vision. I wanted to have rustic and warm tones. 
Put it all together and what do you get? A totally fab outfit! 


Question for my readers: What color or print/pattern would you pair with mustard yellow?

Rainy Saturday

Hello Readers!

Today I spent my Saturday supporting a long time friend on her road back to modeling. We went to a place in downtown Detroit called "The Social Club". Where they were hosting auditions for a upcoming modeling gig. Of course she nailed it! As you can see pictured below.

"The Social Club"
It's a barber shop. But not your normal feeling barber shop. This place is such a cool environment that it took all of 10 minutes for me to desire to get my hair cut in some way. Lol! I mean seriously! The owner Sebastian was very professional and inviting. And was busy taking care of his customers. I recommend this place just from the environment alone. Check them out!
( Sebastian & Me) 

Now more importantly what did I wear? Haha! I wore a Forever 21 denim jacket I scored recently at Platos Closet for only $16. This was a purchase that gave me the butterflies! I pair the jacket with a simple black t-shirt, leopard scarf, some blue jeans, booties, and a crossbody purse. Oh and some very funky shades! 

Jacket: Forever 21-$16 (Platos Closet)
Jeans: Hydraulic -$15 (Sears)
Booties: Merona-$10 (Platos Closet)
Scarf: $3 (Platos Closet)
Purse: Charming Charlie's $12 (CC)
Sun Glasses: $7 (Payless) 

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