More highlights from the fashion show!




Perry Haute Couture

Perry Haute Couture

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection. Model giving me that Beyonce ponytail pull!

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection

Nyna Noir Collection - The Designer- Emily

Nyna Noir Collection-Wearing her very own work.



Hanging out after with the model Shaunta

Shaunta and her friend Danielle

Telly & Shaunta

Nyna Noir Family

Me trying to capture my outfit in the rain.

Denim Vest. Styled as a shirt. Paired with a full highwaisted floral skirt
and my nude vintage inspired heels.

Yelling at my friend to hurry up and snap.

Cant seem to get it together.

There we are.
XOXO Telly

The Walk Fashion Show : Second Time Around : PART 1

The Walk Fashion Show:

My second time around and I decided to go to both shows this year. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the second show. But this show was just as good. With the new comers being  showcased I was excited to see what they would bring to the table. Boy did they serve!

 Here are some noteworthy mentions:

Skandougless! Definitely unique and had everyone glued to the details on the model
with some very unique accessories. You couldn't take your eye off the runway. In my Top 2 of visuals.

The models would walk at a slow pace. Capturing the very eclectic dubstep feel music.
And at the end
of the runway they would hold a sign up and rip it after.

"Beauty in the Gray" The crowd roared loud
for this particular model.

This model. Her name is Shaunta. She did the thang! It also
may be that I've been knowing her most my life! lol




Check out the link above to check them out...

Weeks of "Outfits of the Day"

Hey Babes!

You miss me?

What can I say..... April/May was a month of Ootd's and Selfie's.
Truth is, may was a super busy month for me.  I mean it's my wedding anniversary month! That alone took so much energy. I wanted our 2 year celebration to be bomb! And you better be sure it was. Actual my last ootd of the month was actually the dress I wore. And the first pictured below. These months have been amazing weather. And for me that means lots of inspiration. So below are just a few I decided to share. Enjoy!

May 24- This is my anniversary dress. I really wanted to be fiery hawt! Like challenging my inner  Kardashian!  I really am a big fan of Khole. I feel like we're friends already. Haha. But a post is actually coming up about this dress. This designer is my new favorite!! Stay tune!!

May 20- This is my favorite summer dress. The picture doesn't do it half justice. A blog will be coming soon on it!

May 10- THIS DRESS! Would you believe me if I said I got it for less than 4 dollars? Nuff said! Haha

May 9- Wearing my favorite skirt! It's so full. I actually bought if from my job 
before I work there. It's probably Top 5 Favs in my closet.

May 8- Mixing Prints like you know I could! 
I really am starting to admire the color Navy. 

May 6- I remember this week I got the Mixed Prints fever. Funny this day
I went to work in this skirt without a shirt because I was rushing so bad to get there. 
Yea I sometimes view my job (resale shop) as a extended closet. Haha.

May 4- Loooooooove this outfit this definitely one to repeat.
Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets right?!

May 1- Just wanted some good ole street style this day. New kicks from work. 

April 29- Mixing Prints in probably loving my crushed velvet blazer. Blazers are my thing! 
Keep following my blog. You'll see!

April 25- This is a 2 piece set. Truth is, was not feeling this look. I love the set. But haven't mastered 
How to wear it yet. (Welcome your ideas in comments.)

April 14- Serving up some street style!

April 11- Lady in red. I love the pattern in this shirt. I almost threw this shirt out many times
But the pattern never lets me. What can I say. This girl loves her patterns!

Thanks for checking out my latest post.
More to follow!

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