The Interviewer: Part 2

So did she get the job?


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It was time for my second interview. Unable to contain my hair I decided to throw it in a studious pony. Hair is a big part of my outfit. You can have a banging outfit but if her hair is not did her don't look cute. Haha. Who agrees? It was so bright that day. Beaming of beautiful sunlight. " Its so cooooold in the D." So days like this mimic a sunny summers day. Made me think of color.  This patterned magenta skirt had to be the one. So friendly looking.So fun. I have so many options to choose from when collaborating with this piece. And I knew I could throw black with it. This outfit was simple but it did the job....or shall I say....GOT THE JOB! That's right yours truly will be working at her favorite thrift store. So far the only thing is to resist the urge to shop on the clock! Haha.
Look book below:


The Interviewer

Ello Fashion Loves,

I had the privilege to interview for one of my favorite thrift shops. I never been on a interview that wasn't corporate.So I was intrigued as to what to wear. I wanted to be professional but funky at the same time. I racked my brain for quite awhile. Switching different pieces together. In the end, I think I got the look I was going for. The big and sexy hair was just a plus! At the interview I was invited back for a second Interview. Stay tune for that post! In the meantime...


I wonder if they figured out I'm a big nerd?

Frames/City Trends/ $2.99
Sweater/ Forever 21/ $12.49 
Skirt/ Regeneration/ $9.50
Shoes/Walmart/ $14.00

What do you think about my look?

XOXO Telly!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something.... Vamp!

Over the weekend I helped out some friends with their wedding. I played the role as a hostess. For me  when being asked to help with a wedding I'm all about the bride and the groom. That's my concern. But the fashionista in me couldn't help but to think what to wear? I didn't have the time or the resources to shop. So it had to come from my closet or my girlfriend (haha). Asking around and coming to realize no one is my size anymore. I decided to take another look in my closet. Lookie here an old vintage dress I bought for a Great Gatsby party. And at the other end of my closet was a long maxi skirt. I then got the idea to cut the skirt off the vintage dress and lay the bodice over my maxi skirt. It totally worked. Some very VAMPY makeup and wow-la! Because I was running around most of the day. I barley got these photos. But enjoy nonetheless!  

All about the vamp, about the vamp, no trouble!
Messy big hair situation. It worked up until the middle of reception.
These are actually 3 necklaces.

What do you think about this look?

xoxoxo Telly!

Green with Envy: Emerald Skirt

-Donatella Versace

First, let me start by saying I wanted to start off the year right. 
This would be a fresh beginning to a long latest blogging career for me. Its exciting and intimidating at the same time. Whats in store for Telly? You'll just have to wait and see. The best is yet to come! Now, to the topic of the hour THIS SKIRT! So one humble afternoon I'm just minding my business in Value World and caught a glance of this skirt. First, I prayed it was my size. Haha. Secondly, I grabbed it before someone else noticed it. Boom! Its in my hands. Its all mine. In thrift shops its important to try on. Unfortunately, this particular store does not have a dressing room. No shame in my game. I found a empty aisle and tried it on over my leggings. This skirt is definitely vintage. But I cant help but notice it resembles a certain trend " The pleated midi skirt". So no doubt I was happy to find it.  Since then I've found so many nice midi skirts.So future trips to the thrift shops don't pass up the formal aisle. Below is my look-book:

XOXO Telly

Skirt/$6/ Value World
Shoes/$17/ Payless
Shirt/ $10/ Dots
Necklaces/$4-$12/ Layered
Earrings/$5/Forever 21
Clutch/Mommys :)

Preview of Today's Post: Green with Envy

Seeing how this would be my first post of 2015. 
I wanted to start the year right....
Stay Tune!

(Btw You'll learn I'm just to goofy to be serious about these things. haha)

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