Back to the Norm!

Hey Loves Bugs!

Today I'm keeping it short and sweet. Let's be honest, today for some of us it's our first day back to work from a beautiful extended weekend. A weekend where we felt our most alive because the deals were outrageous! And we score on piece after piece, item after item. Hopping from Target to Walmart. Some of us were brave enough to stand in that Best Buy line. Not me. This Black Friday I had to be a little  more frugal than others. Besides I had everything I needed. Next year I wont be that kind! Haha! Anyway, I wanted to share with you this incredible outfit I put together over the weekend. Rocking the trend of the "faux fur stole". I wore this dress before on the blog. So you can find the details to purchase it there. Everything else was..... Thrifted! Yes, She has been doing her frugal thang lately.
Hope you enjoy! Tooties.



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