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Today I'm keeping it short and sweet. Let's be honest, today for some of us it's our first day back to work from a beautiful extended weekend. A weekend where we felt our most alive because the deals were outrageous! And we score on piece after piece, item after item. Hopping from Target to Walmart. Some of us were brave enough to stand in that Best Buy line. Not me. This Black Friday I had to be a little  more frugal than others. Besides I had everything I needed. Next year I wont be that kind! Haha! Anyway, I wanted to share with you this incredible outfit I put together over the weekend. Rocking the trend of the "faux fur stole". I wore this dress before on the blog. So you can find the details to purchase it there. Everything else was..... Thrifted! Yes, She has been doing her frugal thang lately.
Hope you enjoy! Tooties.


"Adventure Of A Lifetime"

"Now I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart underneath my skin
And I feel my heart beating
Oh you make me feel
Like I'm alive again
Alive again
Oh you make me feel
Like I'm alive again."

I guess this is what happens when you are writing your post with your new Coldplay jam on, "Adventure Of A Lifetime".
You know it got me thinking. You ever have that moment or met a person that made you feel "alive again'?  Well BABY! that is where I am in the waking of life. "Everything you want's a dream away, And we are legends every day". What are you doing to insure your happiness? What are you bringing to the table of life? The bacon or the knife? Are you taking or are you giving?
Are you reaching or are you stalling?
Ask yourself.

I loveee this hat set. Its of great quality. I'm tempted to add some fish netting to it. You can find it Here

"Ponchos are fashion’s ingenious solution for how to wear a comfy blanket in public." -cupofjo  Get Poncho Here and Skinny Jean Here ( Hands down the most comfortable pair of jeans I wore in awhile.)

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Boots are from JustFab. I thrifted these for less than 15$ bucks!

Hotline be BLINGGGGIN!

And for a token of my love a candid picture of me laughing lol I'm usually laughing at myself!

Hope you enjoyed Loves
Xx Tellz

"Right on Trend"

That's what my fellow blogger friend Lauren said when I showed her this look. So I took it upon myself to look this trend up. Here's what I found about this  2015 Fall/Winter trend.


• Leather

"Whether it was real or faux, several designers like TomeRag & BoneSunoCalvin Klein
and Edun created pieces in vinyl-like glossy leather, which we have a feeling will be a major retail trend, come fall."Read more

"How one can ignore the leather trend, we do not know. It is literally everywhere, in nearly every collection, on nearly every model sometimes. It appears from head to toe, in the shape of purses and shoes, but mostly on skirts and jackets. Leather leggings and leather ankle crop pants made it onto the runway as well. There was so much leather all around that we could not get away from it even if we tried. Altazurra’s leather miniskirts and Louis Vuitton’s leather pants immediately come to mind, while Saint Laurent’s leather skinnies look positively amazing with their high waists."Read More

• Statement Faux Fur

"Overall, fur—both real and faux—made a strong showing on fall runways in various forms, but it was the use of bold colors that really caught our eye. And while you might think the trend is entirely too glitzy, designers like Cushnie et OchsAltuzarraFendi, and Matthew Williamson have proven that there’s something decidedly modern and youthful about a statement-making colored fur piece."
Read more

"Fur was majorly in as we saw on the runway shows, becoming one of the most prevalent trends on New York Fashion Week. And then we realized that not all of it was real. It certainly isn’t every day that fake fur that appears in different colors is considered a stylish piece, but this fall and winter season, it is so very much in, meaning that no animals are killed in the meantime, while you look positively fabulous; literally hot off the runway."Read More 

So with my research in mind now. I guess this is my take on these two trends
this Fall. 

The wind was all up in my shoot.

Top Here, Skirt (Thrifted), Similar Faux Fur Jacket

Xx Telly

Whats your favorite fall trend right now?
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Literally Unbothered

"showing or feeling a lack of concern about or interest in something"

What does that mean for me? 
It means to absolutely let nothing sway your Joy or disturb your peace. It's so much with blogging I notice. At times you can find yourself getting caught up by the opinions of others. Or the number of followers. At times even the number of lost followers. Not me. I am literally over it. I didn't start blogging for anyone but myself. My resolve was to be myself from the start. I knew in time those genuine followers and readers would come along.
As I continue into my second year I can really notice the difference. I feel like I'm far more wiser and put on game. I notice in the blogging community there's a competitive spirit in the air. I'm not interested in competing with anyone.
I'm literally unbothered and staying in my own lane.   

I can't get caught up in the hype. When blogging you really have to focus on what you bring to the table. Also, being confident in that. You're you. Your JuJu as I like to put it. Haha! That's where I am. Maybe I don't have 10k followers yet. But I'm on my way. And I'm sure of it. The people love Telly. Haha. I love you back!

Now to reiterate something... We are what? Literally Unbothered. 

Chao Loves,

Xx Telly

Mad Hatter

"Mad Hatter: "Have I gone mad?" 
Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

I would love to say this is one of my many hats. Only that would be a lie because this "Plus size" head as my friend once put it it's impossible to find a hat that fits me. So you can imagine how fast I jumped when this beauty came into my thrift store. Only 8 bucks I knew I found me a deal. I've been chancing after this look now for some time. The top and leggings are from Fashion to Figure. The shoes are old. 

Leggings Here

Tunic Here

"You used to be much more...'muchier.' You've lost your muchness."

Xx Telly! 

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