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Hey Babes!

Short and sweet today..

Chunky Heels, Bodycon, Buffalo print.

A simple recipe. Made for lazy days.
Bodycon's are my go to's because they are so easy to style and comfy. Especially these babies from Fashion to Figure. I probably have 10 total. And a really nice green one from Forever21. These shoes I got from a discount store. My family hates them. But my love for them couldn't be more truer. Haha. You know, as we get closer to .......the days seem to because longer. Hang in there. Friyay is almost here!

Much Love,

Tea Party

The most promising thing about a tea party is the Tea! But not just literal tea. Figurative tea as well. As in the gossip! The shade! "The liars, The scammers" Haha. "The tea is piping hot." One of my favorite and most often said phrases. 
I love catching up with old friends and finding out the latest "tea". And their was plenty this day. Chile. One thing for sure tho... This outfit is the "piping hot"! 

I love when I have a vision for a outfit and it comes out perfectly as imagined. My friend was getting married and with a themed (Tea) party ahead of me (You guys know I love those) I had to get to brain storming. This hat I found in my store. Which I love. I see a lot of vintage hats in my day. None like this tho. Covered in flowers. I'm a April's baby so I'm obsessed with flowers. 

I found this pink crop set on Fashion to Figure site (I stalk). The socks were a last minute decision that I love. When wearing socks with pumps it's important to have them ankle length. These are longer than I would like. But they work. I found them at Walmart for under 3 bucks!

Hope you enjoyed today's blog!
Telly Out



Tonight was about appreciation for me. 
So I just wanted to send a "Thank you" to my followers and readers. 
Thanks for rolling with me.
Thanks for supporting me. 
This is our year.



Spring Feels

 Spring is here. And its my absolute favorite. Could it have to do with the fact that I was born in it? Yea. April 3rd to be exact. Although if you've been following my blog for some time you know by now I don't celebrate it. Here's the thing. Spring gives us that endurance that summer is just around the corner. That means sun and warmer days. That means a great deal for fashion!Take color for instant. We get to add more to the wardrobe. Pantone top 10 colors for the spring are.. 
Rose Quartz, Peach EchoSerenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, lastly Green Flash .

And for me. Not only am I excited to wear those colors. But the the color I have on in this post! White denim. You must know this is a first time for me. But being inspired by my fellow bloggers. I decided to try. What do you think? This is a trend that really started to resurfaced last spring. But its also a classic.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and your like me and can't wait to dress spring feels. :)

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Don't be blue

Hey Monday Loves!

How is it going? For me. I don't have reason to complain because I don't work Mondays. I just love the weekend that much. And besides even if we don't work Mondays. Its still a start to a work week. 
I'm going to list 5 ways we can make work days better. I listed them on twitter last night. (Do you follow me on twitter?) But today I elaborate.

5 ways to get through work days:

1. Dress to impress: YOURSELF. Looking good translates feeling good. Feeling good will get you threw those tough moments. Especially when everyone telling you how good you look. TRY: Preparing you outfit the night before.

2. Wakeup Makeup: If your like me. Makeup is optional most days. But as women don't we feel alot better with a little mascara and some popping lipstick. TRY: Making a light covered makeup routine. That way it wont feel like a chore. the lippie is a most. 

3. Get up N Coffee: Maybe its coffee , maybe its a smoothie (like me). Giving yourself enough time to enjoy your favorite drink before work is sure to set a tone at least for the first few hours. TRY: hitting that coffee shop nearest your job.

4. Pack Lunch: Don't waste your whole break on rushing through traffic or waiting through long lines to get you some grub. most likely you won't have  much time left. Leaving you grumpy and a moody workmate. TRY: Packing a amazing lunch the night before. So you can spend you break catching up on Instagram or talking with your bestie.

5. SMILE! I'm telling you. These will make a difference in your worst moments. You can trick your mind to believe your in a better mood then you actually are. Smile. 

Hope you enjoyed today's blog.



Dress:The Everyday Midi
Vest: Gift
Shoes: Old (Just fab)
Necklace- Thirfted

It goes Down in the Denim

Hello Saturday!

Today I share with you. Yesterday's OOTD. Full denim with a hint of color and fun found at the bottom of the outfit! MY SHOES. I had these lovelies for about 5 years. Never fail to give my outfit that spring fling that I strive for. The sun was out. My hair newly cut. I was feeling good!
This outfit is so easy to achieve. Simple recipe. Denim top, denim bottoms (skirt even) and a pop of color with you shoes.


Jeans: The Skinny Jean (Color: Dark Blue)
Shoes: Old
Sunglasses: Similar Pair

Hopefully like me you decide to pair them with some floral pumps. A must have for the spring. I have 2 pairs so far and i'm working my way to more! I hope you enjoyed today's post. If so show me love in the comments and use #TellylovesSpring so I know its real! LOL



Vintages Waves

Good Hump Day Fashion Lovers,

Today I'm keeping it simple and short. With this simply chic outfit I created over the weekend.
I love the idea of a color rushed look. I've been waiting for a blue coat to come around. But it hasn't yet. This mens vintage trench with the blue pin strips definitely did the job. This look is so easy to recreate. And with all the colors under the sun theirs so many possibilities.... 

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