Simple Chic: Skater Dress

 The "Skater Dress" is a must for your closet. First, You feel like a baby doll in them. Second, super duper comfy. And three, They bomb! A full circle skirt silhouette. Grabs your waist in just the right spot. Being the tall gal I am. I was a little apprehensive about them. But that changed soon as I slipped it on. For me tho, I'll probably stick to wearing them with leggings. But it was nice to let the girls free just this once. This dress is from Society Plus. They have amazing skater dresses. For that perfect hour glass shape skater dress is definitely a go!


XO, Telly




Did you know that I have a thing for white boys and guitars? My husband sure does. LOL
One of me and hubby's joint favorite group's are Thrice. Hands down my favorite songs are " Night Diving" and " The Weight". But you might find me basically listing every song from every album. These guys are true story DOPE. So like any rock concert. You gotta give those rock vibes. 

I decided I wanted to bring out the bohemian rocker chic. So its a oversize jumper for me. With my favorite american eagle sandals. Layered over is this incredible top by Truly Madly Deeply (Women's Gray Crossover Tunic Top) 

Me and Hubs walking the streets.

Cant come downtown Detroit and not stop at Hot Taco


Hey Cutie :)

M is for Mallory. My Last name. 

This amazing frames from Ditto  (retro-super-future)

Such a amazing concert! 


Caped Blazer

Why do we cape?  Caped blazers are a fashion must! Every girl should own one. In my case I have 2.
Both purchased from Fashion to Figure last winter. 2015 was a big year for caped blazers. But that hasn't stopped it from still making major appearances. It's normal to see these beauties in neutrals. But be bold! And get yourself a print or pattern. The open sleeve concept just gives off such a strong classic feel. When I wear mine. I instantly feel richer. Haha. So if you haven't already, add a caped blazer to the wardrobe. ASAP! 

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Flowers in June

On this gloomy day in Detroit, I am so glad I have this dress to brighter my day. In my house its called the "Flower dress". I remember when I first got it my family said "no way your wearing that." Little did they know. Haha. I removed the sleeves and I never looked back. This is my most prized thrift-ed possession. This dress has been with me for 8 years now. Wow how times fly. I remember the first time I wore it. My heel broke forcing me to unfleek with some sandals. But that didn't stop this dress from stealing the show. Remember, while thrifting always imagine what something could be. Adding and subtracting. That's the beauty in thrift-ed threads... 

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