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Good Friday my loves,

Popping in to drop off this amazing shoot I did with my friend Lauren. She came too visit me. Shot by the incredible Hecusta. My brother. That day was especially funny because we were pressed for time.
It was cold. And the sunlight went all the way left. But we still managed to capture something special. Hope you enjoy today's blog. I think its especially noteworthy to mention this coat of mine is currently 45 Bucks! If you don't hurry yourself over there and purchase this coat! Its such nice quality and extremely warm. and makes me feel expensive lol. Dets at bottom. 

Love you!
xo Telly 

Telly's Look:

Lauren's Look:

Red Bone

Hey Guys!

Feels so good to be back writing. Got so much to catch up on. And to discuss how my blog will be producing videos soon. Naturally any fashion blog comes to a point where it has to expand. No I won’t be doing makeup tutorials. But I plan on taking you with me on some of my shopping trips. Ie. “Shop with Telly” and bring you into my closet. Sharing blogger mail etc. And as a blogger of 4 years this past October! Wow time flew. Expect for me to share some tips and tricks that I’ve come to learn. I think it’s important that your interest in blogging comes from a true interest in fashion and sharing. I see a lot of “clout” bloggers. People who started blogging for the “so called” fame. As a blogger is important to never lose sight that your first a consumer. So honest reviews are important. Just because a brand with a large following wants to work with you. But merchandise is trash. No excuses shall be made. We help brands grow truthfully. And that’s why a media kit is so important. You must get paid for the valuable addition you add to a brand. Whether or not you have a large following. Your time and energy is worth more than numbers. You’ll learn that quickly. Anywho, I’m glad to be writing to you. And you reading again! I truly appreciate my readers. Specially those that's been here from Jump! I wanna try something new and ask my audience questions like I did in the beginning. As a reader and consumer yourself, “Do bloggers encourage you to purchase from brands you never purchase from before?

Look forward to hearing your responses! Enjoy this look. Dets at the bottom.

Xo Telly!

I will never fit in...

Class in sess?!
Hunny when I tell you this is my favorite look to date. Wanted to switch it up for the blog with this Royal Navy wig. You like? This dress will be cherished for the rest of my life. I immediately wanted to buy it 10 times over. I love a statement. Its funny. I'm really shy at times but my cloths aren't shy at all. I love my cloths loud! lol. That brings me to my next point "I will never fit in." This was the text I sent a friend yesterday. I just won't... I wasn't made to. I truly believe that. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be different from your peers. But its also a very good thing. I love being a individual. The moment I feel myself trying to fit in. I get figurative hives.

Apart of being a individual is being ok with people not getting you. For instance, most of the time. I wear anything. People ask me not to lol. But in true Telly fashion. I decide to trust  my style and I'm much happier in the end. And usually those same folks say they love my outfit later. Haha So just stay true to you. And don't be afraid to be yourself. I promise you I won't. :)



"Big Smiley"

Hey Loves,

Popping in short and sweet. Normally I just post on Fridays. But its safe to say I missed you. (: Fun Fact! In middle school my nickname was " Big Smiley". Given by my gym teacher. He would often comment on how every time he saw me I had a " Big Smile".  I feel like as I've gotten older. I am still known by my smile. But unfortunately I have to be reminded to. Well that has changed for me this year. I've sorta made a oath with myself to smile more and let go. Refocus the Focus. When I feel myself getting worked up by life's anxieties. I just redirect that energy into a smile. A genuine smile. Because there is always something to smile about. As a result? Well look for yourself....

I hope today's post made you smile! Take control of your own energy. See ya Friday babes.


Outfit Dets:


Happy Friday Babes,

This is me. In my favorite converse platforms. Getting shaded by the sun literally. Went down moments before I pulled up to shoot. SHADY! I digress. I wanted to talk today about the word "muse" What does that word mean? Well lets focus on the second meaning "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." 
While I love Instagram. Its full of inspiration. This can be its downside too. So many talented people. It can overwhelming though, and often conflicting. You'll find that creatively you aren't thriving because your watching the next person. Your saying, "What will so and so do?" Here's the lesson. DON'T! Its so important that you make yourself your main muse. Question, Who's Beyonce muse? BEYONCE! My point really should end there lol....

Does this look cute? lol.

Its been my goal this time around to really live by that. To brand storm ideas. Although, I love checking in on pinterst and my fashion friends. I'm not gonna get caught up by that. I want me to inspire me. Like Beyonce inspires Beyonce. Haha. Lesson, BE YOUR OWN MUSE!


24K Magic Gold Pleated Skirt
Converse Lift Platform Sneakers
Aldo Purse

WHO YOUR MUSE? (Comment Below)

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