Not bad for a sick day

It was a weird day in the D! We went from having a chill in the morning to warming up pretty well. One thing Ive learned about the fall is that layers are a absolute must! It gives you the flexibility to add or subtract when the weather proves to be unpredictable. My mother always told me.."Dont let the sun fool you." But the icing on the cake was I was feeling under the weather. So my temperature was already off! I struggled to put something together. But boy was I surprised to see my style instinct was not blurred by how I was feeling. I paired a brown turtle neck sleeveless dress with a men's blazer (my favorite!). A leopard scarf. Black tights. Boot socks (I love those) and some fringed booties. It was perfect for the weather! 
I bought the boots and the scarf from Plato's Closet in Clinton Township, MI. The scarf was 3$ dollars. The boots are Merona and they were 10$ dollars. Bought them on different occasions. The rest of this outfit was given to me. The more I come to blog. The more I realize I don't pay much for my wardrobe. Awesome right?! I focus on getting a pricy look for a not so pricy pocket. Hope you enjoyed this look!

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