Rainy Saturday

Hello Readers!

Today I spent my Saturday supporting a long time friend on her road back to modeling. We went to a place in downtown Detroit called "The Social Club". Where they were hosting auditions for a upcoming modeling gig. Of course she nailed it! As you can see pictured below.

"The Social Club"
It's a barber shop. But not your normal feeling barber shop. This place is such a cool environment that it took all of 10 minutes for me to desire to get my hair cut in some way. Lol! I mean seriously! The owner Sebastian was very professional and inviting. And was busy taking care of his customers. I recommend this place just from the environment alone. Check them out!
( Sebastian & Me) 

Now more importantly what did I wear? Haha! I wore a Forever 21 denim jacket I scored recently at Platos Closet for only $16. This was a purchase that gave me the butterflies! I pair the jacket with a simple black t-shirt, leopard scarf, some blue jeans, booties, and a crossbody purse. Oh and some very funky shades! 

Jacket: Forever 21-$16 (Platos Closet)
Jeans: Hydraulic -$15 (Sears)
Booties: Merona-$10 (Platos Closet)
Scarf: $3 (Platos Closet)
Purse: Charming Charlie's $12 (CC)
Sun Glasses: $7 (Payless) 

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