Green with Envy: Emerald Skirt

-Donatella Versace

First, let me start by saying I wanted to start off the year right. 
This would be a fresh beginning to a long latest blogging career for me. Its exciting and intimidating at the same time. Whats in store for Telly? You'll just have to wait and see. The best is yet to come! Now, to the topic of the hour THIS SKIRT! So one humble afternoon I'm just minding my business in Value World and caught a glance of this skirt. First, I prayed it was my size. Haha. Secondly, I grabbed it before someone else noticed it. Boom! Its in my hands. Its all mine. In thrift shops its important to try on. Unfortunately, this particular store does not have a dressing room. No shame in my game. I found a empty aisle and tried it on over my leggings. This skirt is definitely vintage. But I cant help but notice it resembles a certain trend " The pleated midi skirt". So no doubt I was happy to find it.  Since then I've found so many nice midi skirts.So future trips to the thrift shops don't pass up the formal aisle. Below is my look-book:

XOXO Telly

Skirt/$6/ Value World
Shoes/$17/ Payless
Shirt/ $10/ Dots
Necklaces/$4-$12/ Layered
Earrings/$5/Forever 21
Clutch/Mommys :)


  1. Beautiful, love the emerald green on you. Very classy

    1. Thank you Wendy! Means a lot coming from such a classy lady herself!

  2. You're gorgeous! This skirt resembles one for sell by Rum & Cokes I believe. I love VW, it is the BEST!!

    1. Awww Thank you so much! :> I often say after thrift purchases. I wonder what's the story behind it? What's the story behind this skirt. I love that.


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