Shopping in Orlando wearing Tanvi Kedia

Hello my fashion babes...

I've been thinking.... What would life be without fashion? So Blah!! Soooo boring. Everyone wearing the same thing?! Geesh. Can't even talk about that any further. In other news, I'm counting the days down until I turn 25. That's exactly 1 week and 3 days from now. I've been losing weight, tapping into my creative side, and over all changing my view on things. I think setting goals can keep you focused on any journey. I'm focused. :)

So today I'm reflecting on shopping in Orlando at the Premium International Outlet. Me and hubby didn't have much time but I managed to get cornered by a Royale sales woman. And for the first time I gave it a chance. 

Royale is a hair straightener.These flat irons are bomb! Naturally the humid in Florida had my hair looking fluffy. Lol. But with these flat irons humidity didn't stand a chance. The flat irons were more than what I wanted to spend. But a good purchase for anyone that had that type of money. So I followed my gut and sure enough when I left the mall I found them on Amazon for not even half the price. Winning! If you haven't learn anything about me.. Telly LOVES a deal! Haha.

Preparing for my trip I wanted nothing but that Bohemian flair. So when I stumbled across this dress I lost it. I loooove india/bohemian/hippie chic. This dress was designed by Tanvi Kedia. A Indian designer. Her work is fab! Currently in-love with her. "Hippie deluxe" her own words. So I didn't think twice when pairing this dress with some jeans and my favorite sandals.

My Look book for shopping that day below:

My hair before the flat irons. YIKES!

Xoxo Telly!❤️


Dress: Regeneration Resale/$18 
-Tanvi Kedia- Retails for $198 Dress Sold Here (sold out)
Jeans: Old Navy/ $10
Sandals: Target/$7
Glimmered Ankita Dress


  1. I wear my hair short but that flat iron seems to be a great product. You look lovely. Comfy and chic. Have a good day.

    1. Thank you! Love your hair btw. It was completely comfy. Perfect for a shopping day. Thanks again. U 2.

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