Fall is officially here!

Good Day Fashion Bunnies!

Hope your Monday is going well. 
As I prepare for the week ahead, I reflect on this past weekend. 
We in Detroit had some incredible weather! So full of sun and soothing breezes.
I can't help but grow with excitement for this season.
The season is here! Its here! Fall!
I grabbed my fav black booties and just knew that they would be 
accompanied by some black leggings with a large tunic! 
Perfect for a date night with hubs. I love the collaborations leggings have with tunics. 
They are soulmates in my book.
Layered with a jacket or over-sized sweater adds a nice touch.
Here's my top 5 fav things to wear in the fall:

1. Booties
2. Dark Lippies
3. Leggings
4. Over-sized Sweaters
5. Tunics
6. Black Tights
7. Denim
8. Black (lol) 
9. Jackets
10. Full Skirts

..Did I say 5? I mean't 10 clearly! Haha.Couldn't contain my love for fall fashion.

The Leggings are from FTF Stanton Black Ponte Leggings and the Tunic is a Miley Chambray Tunic

 I could've given you more favorite looks easily! But I decided to save that for another post! 
What are your faves about fall fashion?
Tell me them in the comments section.

The purse as well as the jewelry were thrifted! Total score right?! Of course I did my research for you.
You can get this exact purse that retails for 68$! for only 35$ on gilt.com. Check it out!
Old Fave. This Deniem Jacket. Booties are from Walmart. 
Until next time!


  1. Great post! I love your style!


  2. You represent well....
    Come follow me on instagram :@zeeskurlz


  3. Hi miss Telly, i like your post, your so many different and colorfully dress. And mostly your jewelry is so very well to Fashionable jewelry for women.


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