Hey Beauty Babes!

The weekend is over and Monday is here. How are we feeling?
Personally, I'm happy to be alive. Here's the thing, every Monday we cry
and complain and we not once think to ourselves that somewhere out in the world
there is a person who wishes they had just one more Monday.
Lets be grateful. For the big things and the small things.
Positive Vibes Only.
Over the weekend I took the time to just enjoyed them both.
My bed winning second place. My faith being first.
But nonetheless enjoying.
But when it was time to go out and play you know there was only one
way to do it...In style.

The Boyfriend Jean Find it Here

In Downtown Detroit we have "The River Walk."
The perfect place to reflect and gain solitude.
Its directly off the river and you can see Windsor, Canada on the other side.
Sometimes it can be a little chilly so this vest was the perfect touch to this very chic causal outfit.
I love the green undertones. Very neutral.

Unfortunately, the vest is SOLD OUT! But i'm not surprise because it absolutely perf! 

Perfect pop of print.

Paired with some neutral booties I recently thrifted. 
Striped top. An idea I got from Pinterest.( Here)
I have to say it was a beautiful evening.
Enjoy your day guys!

XX Telly

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