Tea Party

The most promising thing about a tea party is the Tea! But not just literal tea. Figurative tea as well. As in the gossip! The shade! "The liars, The scammers" Haha. "The tea is piping hot." One of my favorite and most often said phrases. 
I love catching up with old friends and finding out the latest "tea". And their was plenty this day. Chile. One thing for sure tho... This outfit is the "piping hot"! 

I love when I have a vision for a outfit and it comes out perfectly as imagined. My friend was getting married and with a themed (Tea) party ahead of me (You guys know I love those) I had to get to brain storming. This hat I found in my store. Which I love. I see a lot of vintage hats in my day. None like this tho. Covered in flowers. I'm a April's baby so I'm obsessed with flowers. 

I found this pink crop set on Fashion to Figure site (I stalk). The socks were a last minute decision that I love. When wearing socks with pumps it's important to have them ankle length. These are longer than I would like. But they work. I found them at Walmart for under 3 bucks!

Hope you enjoyed today's blog!
Telly Out



  1. How about this is super cute?!!! Love the soft colors and those shoes are too fly! :)

    xx, Chanda


  2. I love this on You and the pout is perfect

  3. An amazing tea party outfit. I loved your look. Thanks for these photos. For my birthday, I have bought a peach color dress. I am going to host a dinner party at one of best party venues in Los Angeles. Eagerly waiting for the day!

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