Flowers in June

On this gloomy day in Detroit, I am so glad I have this dress to brighter my day. In my house its called the "Flower dress". I remember when I first got it my family said "no way your wearing that." Little did they know. Haha. I removed the sleeves and I never looked back. This is my most prized thrift-ed possession. This dress has been with me for 8 years now. Wow how times fly. I remember the first time I wore it. My heel broke forcing me to unfleek with some sandals. But that didn't stop this dress from stealing the show. Remember, while thrifting always imagine what something could be. Adding and subtracting. That's the beauty in thrift-ed threads... 

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  1. super fun dress Telly! Love all of those vibrant colors! Amazing that you've had it for that long! :)

    xx, Chanda | latest post: STRIPED TOP + RIPPED JEANS | LINK UP


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