Werkout x Wednesdays

Morning Babes!

Take a look at a new aspect of the blog. Fitness. Also known as "WERKOUT x WEDNESDAYS".
Fitness means a lot to me. It's just not a appearance thing either. I am truly concern about my health. It's like we have this body right.... And we can liken it to a car. Certain aspects of a car translates the same to us. A car needs to be drove in order to stay healthy, it needs gas, oil change etc. All to insure the car's health. We are the same. We need to excersie our hearts everyday. We need water. It's vital!
I'm definitely a emotional eater. And that is the root of a lot of my weight gain. But I'm here to change that! I'm happy to report I lost a whopping 7 pounds last month! (Yay) Although, my goal has been 10 pounds down a month. So July hopefully will get me there. But it's gonna take work! And I'm willing. Please Join me! Using the hashtag #TellyLovesFitness I will be reposting participates.
So I'm off to my workout. Talk to you guys soon! 

Yea I didn't wanna lie about what happened after the photos lol

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