Earth Tones

Hey Babes!
Its Monday....
How are we doing? Me, on the other hand i'm loving this look below.
My first attempt at a tubed dress and I'm not mad. Definitely a step out my comfort zone but that's my aim this summer. Trying new things. Have you tried a tubed dress before? What was your take on it?
The color is amazing. I'm here for all things rustic and earth tones. That brings me to my next fave. This wrap jacket. Olive! If you've been following me on the blog you know I heart olive green(khaki). So how did I do? Enjoy below. 


Photos by: creative_focus_productions

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  1. Simply stunning queen! You have definitely slayed. The earthy tones against your complexion and your warm smile sold me on this look. *clicks link with charge card in hand* Thank you for sharing your personal style.

  2. You look so beautiful, love this kind of colour combination, and it is perfect to combine them in the colder days too xoxo

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! You look beautiful, ♥ the nude shades!
    xx, Chanda |


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