We all scream for Olive Green

Not use to seeing me on Saturday? Well get use to it babes. Can we talk about how fall snuk up on us????  Its literally 25 days until.So that means we have to lose some of these summer time color patterns. Thankfully these jeans are not one of them. Its actually a color your gonna see more of this fall. That and burgundy. I've been shopping around and it looks like burgundy will be a big part of this years fall. I'm pretty excited about it because the color is so rich. Lets take a look at this year's Fall Pantone Color Report 2016

How amazing right?!

Fashion to Figure definitely got the memo for bringing color to this season. Check out these lovely denim  pants i'll be showcasing on their blog this coming week. Use my Affiliate code for 30% Tellylovesfashion. 



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