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I woke up this morning ready to twirl. Excited for the season. Fall is here my loves! My absolute favorite! Get use to seeing me. I think even in fall my pjs be fly lol. 
But really today we are talking about this amazing outfit styled by moi. Skirt is sponsored by Forever21. This top I had for some time (by FTF). But I couldn't fit it. So that leds me to my next...can we talk about how your girl has dropped some major lbs?!! Been hitting the diet hard and addicted to steps. I feel a lot better with how my cloths fit me.  These bell sleeve tops are totally inspired by the 70's. We saw a lot of them in the summer. But I got a feeling they will be around for some time. I absolutely love the top. This skirt is surprisingly heavy. Not that thin fabric that you can see everything through. Definitely planing to get it in black soon. 

Check these sleeves out!

So its safe to say we are gonna have a lot of fun with this season!


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  1. Girl, this top is SO freaking pretty and I love how you paired it with your pencil skirt!! I am sad that Summer is gone, but Fall fashion is the BEST!!

    xx, Chanda | www.mschanda.com


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