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Hello Friday!

And welcome back to the blog. Took a small unintentional break. But feeling refreshed and ready to share. Today is our first post of 2017. Last month I visited my blogger bestie Lauren @NotesFromLo. Accompanied by blogger babe Thamarr @Musingsofacurvylady. 5 days of absolute fashion and slayage. The weather was anything but the Michigan freezing weather. Like the day pictured below. Lets chat more about this look....

The Look:
Amazing metallic skirt from FashiontoFigure. Metallic is another trend I encouraged to take your hand at. Maybe a skirt would be too much for you? But a nice pair of Metallic kicks will give any look a neutral stand. 

Sleeveless Turtle Neck Tunic from Rue21. Tucked. But I'm totally feeling 
Rue21 these days. Totally affordable fashion. Not breaking the bank for a stylish night out. More coming up on the blog from them. 

Banana Republic for the win. Now this piece was gifted to me. I normally don't buy BP. Although I'm a fan. Well for those pricer pieces with a lot of wear. They are your place to go. In total love.

Shoes by Christian Siriano for Payless. Growing up Payless had a stigma for being for the poor kids. But Hunty.. Payless has totally stepped their game up. I stay in there finding Bogo deals on my gave brand Christian Siriano. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself !

 Hope you enjoyed today's post. Later lovers. 

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: 7thstreetstudio

Skirt //Shoes // Jacket // Sweater


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  1. Nice outfit! I will be my fashion inspiration when I go to Macau. ❤

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