Hey Babes,

Oh how time flies when your having fun. I’ve greatly missed you. It’s been 8 months!? Today before I get into all my feels. We must first talk about the Fashion Haul I did with PrettyLittleThing. I’ve always had a level of curiosity for the brand. Wanting to try them out, I was excited when they reached out. The shipping came fast. I had no problems there at all. Brand is super friendly and in-tune with the blogger world. Immediately upon getting the cloths I discovered that the brand is not only pretty, but quality. The pieces are so well made. You truly get great materials. I didn’t feel like I got anything cheaply made. Even my T-shirt felt well made. I decided because this was a haul it was very important to go outside my comfort zone. Try something new. The pants suit immediately stuck out. It also comes in blue! It feels great. And the color is even more stunning in person.  The Orange Dress. When I first saw that piece it was so slim to none that it would come and fit me perfect. But I had thee highest hopes. Sure enough. It came and it fit! It too is well made and feel like it will be apart of my wardrobe for some time! The white dress... what can I say. Also, well made.. 
I knew I had to have it. It’s very boho flower child isk. Lastly, The Tee and skirt with sneakers. Very Telly.  lol. I know. But I wanted to style something more true to me. And when I got a look at that skirt. I knew that piece had to be apart of this haul. Overdressed is a perfect play on this outfit. The gym shoes clearly changed that narrative. Ha.
Overall, I’m I love with PLT. I wanna see more diversity in the plus size area like the small sizes. But the brand really produces nice cloths. And I plan on selecting more items to share.  Hope you enjoy today’s post. I’ve missed you. And can’t wait to catch up. ;)
Enjoy the  photos! 

Photography by the one and only: Hecusta 

We got kicked out after this photo lol, Mall cop was little bit ambitious lol 

Finally fixed the belt. (eye-roll)





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