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Yesterday I spent most the day thrifting with a friend. But while shopping I learned many things about myself. First, I don't keep up with styles (trends). Lol. I mean when I hear people say "Is this in?" I'm almost stumbled by it! Haha I don't keep up with that kinda stuff. I tried  before and it just doesn't fit me. I'm a "like what I like" kinda person. So when my friend asked "Aren't ugly sweaters in right now?" I chuckled. And replied that I didn't know.

  If I like ugly sweaters I wear them lol. What's cool is we can be inspired by a trend. No doubt about that. But please oh pretty please. Don't be defined by it. It's so much more to fashion than that. It's called Style. :)

Also, I learned that clothing really has to make me feel good in order to buy it. I love seeing a item and feeling it in my gut. Like a unmatchable need. If it doesn't make me feel that way. I don't by it. Even if it's beautiful. I have to get the butterflies. Haha. 

Lastly, I love shopping with friends. It's exciting for me to see them react the way I do about clothes. Excited, Mad, Frustrated. The list goes on when it comes to the  many emotions of shopping.  Expecally when they see that thrifty price. Shopping is winning in my book lol. It's just the best feeling. I can't wait to show you guys the outfit I scored from yesterday thrift haul. That post will will be coming soon!
Oh and how cute is this outfit!? All things were thrifted from years ago. 

Hope you enjoy today's post. Have a awesome day!


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