Mixed Patterns: Stripes & Polka-Dots

Well Hello Monday!

Over the weekend I dabbled in mixing prints again. Although I tried it before but I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome. From the moment I found these two pieces thrifting last week, I knew I hit the mark on this new trend that I'm sorta fascinated by and partially obsessed with. Honestly, I can't get enough!!!
Was I having a little fun in this one or not? Haha.
As you can see pictured the colors are the same in each piece. Which I totally love. I mean I would've loved to try some crazy colors. But something was so cool about the pair matching. Classic. In the store I inversioned thee entire outfit! That's really how I shop! I have a picture memory of my closet. I said to myself "Self you have a beautiful men's blazer that would do this outfit well." I was gifted these beige "Madden Girl" flats with a metallic ankle strap. Which I couldn't wait to pair it with. 
Also, paired with some funky floral beige tights from Walmart on sale for 4$ bucks! The shirt cost me 1.20$. The skirt 3.40$.
So that's a total of? Almost 9$ bucks. For the entire outfit! Cmon how awesome is that!? Yea, she thrifts... 
Pictured above I grabbed some pearl necklaces and studs to match the cream tones. Gave it a really vintage feel. I'm really proud with how this outfit turned out. I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Love the polka dot skirt. Reminds me of one of Julia Roberts' dresses in Pretty Woman. Cute!


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