The Walk Fashion Show

          It was just this time last week that I attended "The Walk Fashion Show"  at The Garden Theater in Detroit, MI. I was brought in as Media so I got to sit very close to the stage. However, the room was so intimate I don't think that would've mattered. Upon arriving I was greeted by a friendly associate of the event who granted  me my all-access badge. The overall vibe I got from the show was very warm. Everyone supported the designers. Of course there were fan favorites. It personally seemed they were the biggest fan of designer 24 Hour Creations:

His style was very creative.  And the crowd really loved his work. He used lots of denim and floral pattern. Even my husband mentioned he would like to wear his collection:
Hubby looking at collection :)

 In the words of the designer, he said the collection was urban wear with a bit of high fashion that is intended to be wearable and not found in stores, completely exclusive. Talk about a designer that hit his style description dead on!

Totally fab!

Lets talk what I wore! I decided to wear an over-sized blazer recently purchased from Value World. I then paired it with black leggings and a simple black tee. Now my  favorite part of the outfit is this beautiful necklace I got from Forever 21! I'm totally addicted to it! Necklace Here I believe I wore it 3 times since Saturday. (lol)

Overall the fashion show was lovely. Wasn't a fan of all the designers. But that was to be expected. The MC was very entertaining and runway music was accompanied by live drums. All those in connection with putting on this event should be proud as it turned out great. I'm really looking forward to the next event. Be sure to check them out next time if you haven't already. Click Here


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