Wednesday's Meditations

“Please do not have a fit in the fitting room. Your fashion life begins there.”

 Florence Eiseman

Since the beginning of my blogging journey, I've had a wrestling with my self-image. Often those times were in the fitting room. I really do love the way I look. But at times I don't. Those times are only when I can't find things that fit me. Being 6'0" ft tall with more curves than a cinnamon roll (Lol) and a size 11 shoe its very difficult to dress myself. That's why I think I resort to thrifting. Not only do I appreciate the style. I also appreciate the fit. 

It seems like back then they focused on the curves of a woman. Now I feel like designers are dressing size 0 models. A little under 2 years ago I wore a size 10. That was the easiest shopping of my life. I often didn't even have to try on a outfit before I bought it. I dare not try that now. Lol. I empathize with women my size and bigger. It's a difficult task. But what helps me is the fashion blogging world. Seeing women of all shapes and sizes own fashion. It's so encouraging for me. And if I'm being encouraged by a blogger, I'm sure I'm doing the same for someone. So that's what helps me. That interchange between women that is so often discarded. My goal is to appreciate all women. Even the mean ones lol. Cause we all inspire each other. 

Comment a fashion blogger below who inspires you. :)

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  1. Telly you are so beautiful and inspiring. I love your sense of style so much, being a plus size myself I always look up to you.


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