25 Days til 25

In exactly 25 days I will be 25 years old...

Although I don't celebrate birthdays. I do acknowledge what turning 25 means. Its funny, I've mentioned to my older friends that I'm turning 25 and how its making me crazy. They laugh and mention how old they are. As if  25 isn't a large number by comparison. I just feel like its now or never. I feel if I continue this behavior of dreaming I will turn 30,35,40.. Dreaming. There are things I wanna do and there are things I wanna be. But I'm afraid I will or am growing complacent with dreaming. Like other adults I know. And by dreaming I mean using my mind's eye.
Its time that I take charge and do the things that will help me develop into the woman I will be proud of. Don't get me wrong. I love who I am now. In fact a customer told me the other day " The only way to get to where you wanna be is to appreciate the place you are." I completely agree!
Over the past 2 years I've been making moves I once only talked about. 

So as of Today, I have a bucket list counting the days til 25.
It goes as follows:

1. Photographer
2. Join a Dance Class (Hip Hop lol)
3.Start a Poetry Journal: Write once a week
4. Fashion Blogging
5. Exercise (Drop 10 pounds)
6. Sing in public
7. Singing Lessons (LOL)
8. Guitar Lessons
9. Dye my hair blonde
10. Lose 20 pounds by May 25
11. Get a job as a writer
12. Try Modeling
13. Walk 2 times a week.

Ok before I go I must say it will be quite impossible to fit all these things in 25 days. I don't plan on it. But the goal is to get these plans in action! And that is what I must do.
Watch me count the days to womanhood.
Stay tuned!


XOXO Telly =)


  1. What a great list! Sounds like you'll be starting the second quarter of your life on a positive, healthy way! Happy early birthday!


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