The Interviewer: Part 2

So did she get the job?


Hello Fashion BABES!

Lets chat..
It was time for my second interview. Unable to contain my hair I decided to throw it in a studious pony. Hair is a big part of my outfit. You can have a banging outfit but if her hair is not did her don't look cute. Haha. Who agrees? It was so bright that day. Beaming of beautiful sunlight. " Its so cooooold in the D." So days like this mimic a sunny summers day. Made me think of color.  This patterned magenta skirt had to be the one. So friendly looking.So fun. I have so many options to choose from when collaborating with this piece. And I knew I could throw black with it. This outfit was simple but it did the job....or shall I say....GOT THE JOB! That's right yours truly will be working at her favorite thrift store. So far the only thing is to resist the urge to shop on the clock! Haha.
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