Hello 25

Initially I thought 25 would be like a feeling I got. A feeling that would be sorta  frightening. In the gut. But when I say I sincerely walked into 25 just like any other day. I mean it. 

I realized how silly it was to be counting the days down. It wasn't until the day before I would realize that. It's like all my expectation just walked away. And I just said 
"Live Chantele" 

Other thoughts, I've made a conscience effort to be more of myself. Stop thinking about how many likes you will get. In reality or on Instagram. Real life doesn't have a like button. Stop getting caught up in what people think about you. I accept me. And the person I'm becoming. That's all that matters!

Cool thing! I ended up losing 10 pounds like I wanted. But if I'm not careful I will gain it back! Haha. Upon writing I literally ate several cookies! I know lol. Team Curvy! But my new goal is to lose 20 pounds before my anniversary. We'll see.

Below is my Lookbook for a gathering I attended... I had to be my most grown that day. 

Denim on denim with some awesome rustic details. I loved this very weekend appropriate look. 

This necklace is everything!

Telly Out! 

Necklace/$13/ Burlington Coat Factory


  1. Girl you could work a denim spread, easily.

    You better call Ashley Stewart or somebody so seriously.



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