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Hey Babes!

You miss me?

What can I say..... April/May was a month of Ootd's and Selfie's.
Truth is, may was a super busy month for me.  I mean it's my wedding anniversary month! That alone took so much energy. I wanted our 2 year celebration to be bomb! And you better be sure it was. Actual my last ootd of the month was actually the dress I wore. And the first pictured below. These months have been amazing weather. And for me that means lots of inspiration. So below are just a few I decided to share. Enjoy!

May 24- This is my anniversary dress. I really wanted to be fiery hawt! Like challenging my inner  Kardashian!  I really am a big fan of Khole. I feel like we're friends already. Haha. But a post is actually coming up about this dress. This designer is my new favorite!! Stay tune!!

May 20- This is my favorite summer dress. The picture doesn't do it half justice. A blog will be coming soon on it!

May 10- THIS DRESS! Would you believe me if I said I got it for less than 4 dollars? Nuff said! Haha

May 9- Wearing my favorite skirt! It's so full. I actually bought if from my job 
before I work there. It's probably Top 5 Favs in my closet.

May 8- Mixing Prints like you know I could! 
I really am starting to admire the color Navy. 

May 6- I remember this week I got the Mixed Prints fever. Funny this day
I went to work in this skirt without a shirt because I was rushing so bad to get there. 
Yea I sometimes view my job (resale shop) as a extended closet. Haha.

May 4- Loooooooove this outfit this definitely one to repeat.
Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets right?!

May 1- Just wanted some good ole street style this day. New kicks from work. 

April 29- Mixing Prints in probably loving my crushed velvet blazer. Blazers are my thing! 
Keep following my blog. You'll see!

April 25- This is a 2 piece set. Truth is, was not feeling this look. I love the set. But haven't mastered 
How to wear it yet. (Welcome your ideas in comments.)

April 14- Serving up some street style!

April 11- Lady in red. I love the pattern in this shirt. I almost threw this shirt out many times
But the pattern never lets me. What can I say. This girl loves her patterns!

Thanks for checking out my latest post.
More to follow!

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