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Hey My TellyLovesFashion Supporters!

Did you know in about 2 months I will be celebrating 
1 year of blogging?!! 
How exciting right?!
What's really dope is to look back and see my growth as
 the woman that I am and continue to be.
Some growth I wouldn't mind trading. 
You know the kind the scale can only tell? Yikes. 
But even in those moments I still adore the woman I am.
She is unapologeticly herself. Like in this dress for instance.
The moment I layed my eyes on it I knew I needed it. 
I got a thing for midi dresses. 
Think it has something to do with my height perhaps? 

I'm not here for the excessive thigh meat lol

This dress is from Forever 21. Their plus line. Religiously going on their mobile site 
And debating about this dress I decided I wanted to try it on. I had no idea I would love it so much. 
Although, I'll have to agree with my sister it isn't the most flattering. I believe that has something to do with the pattern honestly. Them horizontal lines ain't no joke! But none the less I love it. 

It's so comfy. 

I could easily see myself pairing this with some sneakers. 
And a long cardigan. 
Stay tuned for that. 

In other news, I am determined to bring more blogs in the coming months to my page.
And to really show you just how much I love the fall. 
Stay tuned!


Dress/Forever21: Here
Shoes/ Old


  1. That dress looks beautiful on you!!

  2. It me Danielle who posted the post above! Lol. Didn't want to get weirded out by unknown person!

    1. lol!! No worries!! I was looking like who is that? LOL! Thanks so much girly!

  3. Super cute! I love the dress and your new site, keep it up sis!


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