I HEART RONSON and you should too

I heart floral prints! The print below could be deemed perfection! I love the hues in this dress. Complimenting each other so well. Blue, purple, pink, white and my fav black! 
This  was the day a old friend of mine was getting married. I knew I had to hit retail for this one.
After weeks of no success thrifting. Little did I know walking out the local mall. I would stumble across this number at JCpenny!
A place I used to go to all the time growing up. But shortly retired when hatred for wearing what "everyone" else was wearing started. What a fear I had of wearing the same thing another woman had on. Think it was another reason I love thrifting so much. Unqine pieces. 
But  7 years later I'm hear to you! I heart retail!  And I don't care who wore or wears this dress. Cause baby you can't wear it like me! Haha 
No, truth...It's not the dress.. It's the woman wearing it.

Now this dress fits amazing. I'm wearing a extra large. 
And it gives me just enough room for the modesty I prefer. 
And fits tight enough to give me that VaVa Voom! The dress has cut-outs on the waist.
But I'm just to shy for that! So I passed and put a cami under. 
This dress is made by the brand "I HEART RONSON" by Charlotte Ronson. 
She is utterly dope! The midi dresses and skirts and prints. It's just too much for my heart. Haha.

Now this next dress I wore it for my 2 year wedding anniversary. I don't know about you but when celebrating with babe one must bring the fire!

Does anyone have a fire extinguisher cause homegirl brought the heat!
Yass! Again I knew I couldn't thrift this look. I'm telling you these two finds meant so much to me. Because as a tall curvy girl it's hard! Why can't I wear cloths like the other girls and just be just as equally fashionable or sexy. Without stressing the sexuality. And that's what this brand did for me. Forever grateful for it. I felt hawt! And trust me their will be more post on this brand. That's why I can declare.... I HEART RONSON!




  1. I love that floral dress. It's just perfect.


    1. Thanks! I just love it!😍 I'm looking for a blazer to wear with it. Any advice on what color I should pair with it? I'm thinking white.

  2. I so heart that print number!!! It's totally versatile too, which is an added bonus :)

  3. You look absolutely stunning 😍 love the black dress.

    Nique || www.2nbeauty.blogspot.com

  4. Loving that floral print...

    So mod chic....



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