"Adventure Of A Lifetime"

"Now I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart underneath my skin
And I feel my heart beating
Oh you make me feel
Like I'm alive again
Alive again
Oh you make me feel
Like I'm alive again."

I guess this is what happens when you are writing your post with your new Coldplay jam on, "Adventure Of A Lifetime".
You know it got me thinking. You ever have that moment or met a person that made you feel "alive again'?  Well BABY! that is where I am in the waking of life. "Everything you want's a dream away, And we are legends every day". What are you doing to insure your happiness? What are you bringing to the table of life? The bacon or the knife? Are you taking or are you giving?
Are you reaching or are you stalling?
Ask yourself.

I loveee this hat set. Its of great quality. I'm tempted to add some fish netting to it. You can find it Here

"Ponchos are fashion’s ingenious solution for how to wear a comfy blanket in public." -cupofjo  Get Poncho Here and Skinny Jean Here ( Hands down the most comfortable pair of jeans I wore in awhile.)

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Boots are from JustFab. I thrifted these for less than 15$ bucks!

Hotline be BLINGGGGIN!

And for a token of my love a candid picture of me laughing lol I'm usually laughing at myself!

Hope you enjoyed Loves
Xx Tellz


  1. Hi Telly, lovely post! Which camera do you use for the photo shoot?


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