"Right on Trend"

That's what my fellow blogger friend Lauren said when I showed her this look. So I took it upon myself to look this trend up. Here's what I found about this  2015 Fall/Winter trend.


• Leather

"Whether it was real or faux, several designers like TomeRag & BoneSunoCalvin Klein
and Edun created pieces in vinyl-like glossy leather, which we have a feeling will be a major retail trend, come fall."Read more

"How one can ignore the leather trend, we do not know. It is literally everywhere, in nearly every collection, on nearly every model sometimes. It appears from head to toe, in the shape of purses and shoes, but mostly on skirts and jackets. Leather leggings and leather ankle crop pants made it onto the runway as well. There was so much leather all around that we could not get away from it even if we tried. Altazurra’s leather miniskirts and Louis Vuitton’s leather pants immediately come to mind, while Saint Laurent’s leather skinnies look positively amazing with their high waists."Read More

• Statement Faux Fur

"Overall, fur—both real and faux—made a strong showing on fall runways in various forms, but it was the use of bold colors that really caught our eye. And while you might think the trend is entirely too glitzy, designers like Cushnie et OchsAltuzarraFendi, and Matthew Williamson have proven that there’s something decidedly modern and youthful about a statement-making colored fur piece."
Read more

"Fur was majorly in as we saw on the runway shows, becoming one of the most prevalent trends on New York Fashion Week. And then we realized that not all of it was real. It certainly isn’t every day that fake fur that appears in different colors is considered a stylish piece, but this fall and winter season, it is so very much in, meaning that no animals are killed in the meantime, while you look positively fabulous; literally hot off the runway."Read More 

So with my research in mind now. I guess this is my take on these two trends
this Fall. 

The wind was all up in my shoot.

Top Here, Skirt (Thrifted), Similar Faux Fur Jacket

Xx Telly

Whats your favorite fall trend right now?
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  1. Love, love this look on you and that smile. . . . just Fabulous!!

    1. Your so dope! Thanks for always sharing you thoughts. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  2. Love this outfit! reminds me of the chanels but a edgy chanel number! super cute :)


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