Must(ard) See

Hey Hey Hump Day!

How is our week going? 
We are only 2 days away from the fabulous Friday waiting ahead of us.
I already have plans. Dinner with family. Which includes wine! Yea. Wine.
No matter what we know we must be fashionable doing it!
So now, This outfit... its perf!
I think I got a faux fur vest fever this season.
So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted this babe at my local thrift shop.
Adding to it Fashion to Figure's (FTF) midi dress was easy. 
The color is so amazing. It's just the color you need for your fall wardrobe.
Oh and tights. Tights for me is a must have! 
So look forward to seeing them on my blog a lot. 
I like the contrast it gives the dress. 
I think colors in the fall are very important. 
My favorites are mustard, olive green, khaki green, 
magenta, red, burnt orange, and my fave BLACK!

FTF's Everyday Midi Dress
Boots (Old)
Purse Here

How did i do!?
 Comment below about this Hump day attire.



  1. You look so good in that dress, the colour really suits you. I wish I could rock this colour like you do!
    Please leave a comment at my blog at

    1. Now I was feeling you up until " I wish I could rock this color" Why can't you?! You better get out your own way. You are beautiful! You should go for it! Thank you so much! This color is still available :)


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