Don't be blue

Whats up guys!

I'm spending my Sunday like every other going to my place of worship and watching my home football team continually break my heart! But I'll still represent
"ONE PRIDE, Go Detroit Lions"! 
These days I'm preparing myself for the weather that is in the very near future.
Trying to counteract these gloomy fall days with pops of color. Surprisingly today the weather warmed up and the sun came out! So my pop of color seemed just right.

I love wearing some form of print with all my clothes. With this blue I can't help but to pair it with leopard. Its such a fun print. And it just speaks " I'm a girl with my own style." 

I'm also Goofy! 

This whole look was thrifted!

Can you tell I'm already over it being Sunday? 
Where is the weekend restart button?
I hope you're enjoying yours.
Oh before I go I gotta say.... Im on snapchat!
I'm a snapper! ( Haha)
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And watch me snap!
Take care fashion babes.
XX Telly


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