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Hey Babes!

I'm feeling a lot better these days. But to waste no time I must tell you whats been on my mind. I recently ran into one of my High School teachers. Ms. Perrin. Just by looking at her I suddenly remembered everything I went through to graduate. I missed a lot of school growing up for more personal reasons than I'd like to share. But nonetheless, our conversation served to be a reminder. A reminder of how much I've fought to be at the very spot I'm at. Sometimes in life you can forget how much of a fighter you really are. Additionally, with the new rocky movie "Creed", me and my husband took it upon ourselves... well he did haha!! Took it upon himself to help me catch up on all the Rocky movies. You know what I noticed? For every Champion there was always a fighter more hungry for the win. I noticed after some time winning, the Champion gets content and he loses that hunger. I'm telling you. STAY HUNGRY.
Never stop fighting for the place you want to be. For the life you want to live. 
That hunger for success.

Now because this is a fashion blog.. we must not forget to dress for Success! This look is perfect for this time of year. Tulle, Sequin, Glitter! But I wanted to give an edge to this look. Dark lips. Faux Leather top. Definitely a great look for a night out on the town. Sipping champagne with the girls!  

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People love this shoes. I get stopped so much. They are so comfy! Shoes Here

Windsor Tulle Skirt Here

Xx Telly

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  1. You're so right - you can never get complacent. The moment you stop hustling and slow down is the moment that someone else will take the metaphorical crown. Loving your look by the way and I especially like your hair!


  2. Love this all black look on you. Stay on the Success train!!

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