Spring in The Winter

Happy Humpday!

Over the weekend I decided since the weather doesn't think it should be winter. Why should I? Especially since we've been in the 50's and over! Oh my goodness, right?! That's where I got the idea to put a spin on it with fashion. This look consist of all the colorful things I still had hanging around and didn't pack up for the fall months ago. Those amazing pineapple socks I found at Nordstrom Rack for only 5 bucks. I'm a big fan of socks and pumps. Such a cute trend that I want to showcase more on my blog. So keep your eye out for it. 

A lot of the other items I thrifted some time ago. Except these amazing overalls. Those are from Forever 21. Got them back in the summer. Since then I've been finding different ways to warm them up for this so called winter? Haha. I tell you. It's a epidemic. Everywhere I've been seeing people mention how it's much warmer in their city. Mmmm.

None the less, we still must adapt and make winter fashion pretty "cool" Haha.
Hope you enjoyed today blog!
Til next time...

Telly out :D

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