That was so last year...

So we are 4 days in. Some of us have the pleasure of saying we are 4 days into our goals for the year. And the rest of us.. we are still striving to start our goals. No matter if  that's losing weight, gaining pounds, new job, relocation etc. Here's the thing.. we can't get caught up in the hype of it all. Yes a new year is a new start. But so is a Monday or a Tuesday. I guess what I'm trying to relate is.. The biggest goal this year should be to not stand in our own way. That means we don't let peer pressure decide where we should be Jan 4th or any day for that matter. This year should be the year of self redemption. This year I'm taking me back!

The funny this about this look is I shot it for a Magazine feature. That hopefully you be able to see soon.I looked frigging awesome this day right?! I wanted to go with a more masculine look. That horse rider swagger. Haha! I love masculine cloths. That's something you don't really get to see on TellyLovesFashion. But I'm hoping to showcase it more this year. See I'm a true tomboy at heart. In Fact I was most of my life. But both my love for fashion and a girly best friend in my teens showed me the way.

Scarf & Blazer Look:
Men's Vintage Blazer 17.00
Levi Jeans 10.00
Just Fab Boots 12.00
Dooney and Bourke Purse 18.00
Top 12.00
Scarf 6.oo

You'll notice I have a lot more photos this time around. But some photo-shoots go that good. :)
Hope you enjoyed!  

Xoxo Telly 


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