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We made it to Friday! 
Truthfully, this one has been a rough one for me. There is a quote that often came to mind during the week 
"I can't adult today." 
Being an adult has been the greatest test of all time. Haha. An ongoing one.  
Cause I'm only getting older! So this morning I thought of 5 ways we can enjoy our adulthood: 

  1. "Work a job you love." No one likes the feeling like they are giving all their energy to something they don't love. 
  2. "Indulge into your passions, your hobbies." For me (Photography, fashion, spiritual,etc.)
  3. "Have good people in your life." Honest and pure people. With the best intentions. Gone are the days where we hang out with people out of obligation. 
  4. "Let the nostalgia flow." I don't care if it's a old video game, Barbie doll, food,etc. Give in to those moments and enjoy the memories. Buy the snack your grandmother use to always have in her house. 
  5. "Be positive." This one is very important. No one has plans to grow up and be that mean old man/lady. But if we aren't careful we can! We have to allow room for good vibes only. Let the negativity go. And try to find the solution. Do not wallow in your sorrow. 

Now that we got that clear. You know there is another key without saying because clearly we already know... DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Every Friday before work I dress up. Makeup, jewelry etc. Although, I'm feeling utterly miserable about going to work. I don't dress for those feelings. I dress for the mood I inspire to be in. And it always works people. Take this look for instance. Perfect for Friday. It says "I'm getting work done but I'm also partying after." Do not ignore the power of a great outfit. The dress is perfect for those causal Friday's at work. I guess the theme of this whole blog is... To take back your peace. Remain forever young!

Xoxo Telly.....

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  1. I see, that now you see what I've seen for a long time... "Be Forever Young " ❣


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