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Hey Monday Loves!

How is it going? For me. I don't have reason to complain because I don't work Mondays. I just love the weekend that much. And besides even if we don't work Mondays. Its still a start to a work week. 
I'm going to list 5 ways we can make work days better. I listed them on twitter last night. (Do you follow me on twitter?) But today I elaborate.

5 ways to get through work days:

1. Dress to impress: YOURSELF. Looking good translates feeling good. Feeling good will get you threw those tough moments. Especially when everyone telling you how good you look. TRY: Preparing you outfit the night before.

2. Wakeup Makeup: If your like me. Makeup is optional most days. But as women don't we feel alot better with a little mascara and some popping lipstick. TRY: Making a light covered makeup routine. That way it wont feel like a chore. the lippie is a most. 

3. Get up N Coffee: Maybe its coffee , maybe its a smoothie (like me). Giving yourself enough time to enjoy your favorite drink before work is sure to set a tone at least for the first few hours. TRY: hitting that coffee shop nearest your job.

4. Pack Lunch: Don't waste your whole break on rushing through traffic or waiting through long lines to get you some grub. most likely you won't have  much time left. Leaving you grumpy and a moody workmate. TRY: Packing a amazing lunch the night before. So you can spend you break catching up on Instagram or talking with your bestie.

5. SMILE! I'm telling you. These will make a difference in your worst moments. You can trick your mind to believe your in a better mood then you actually are. Smile. 

Hope you enjoyed today's blog.



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