Lacey Things

This look is it embodiment of me! When I say that I love lace ...I love Afro... and I love a good pair pants!
 That can show the curves like all of us want. When I think about this look and how it all came together. 
I basically freestyled I knew I wanted to wear this top but I didn't know what bottoms to put with it. I originally wanted to style it with a pink flared skirt that Forever 21 offered but I didn't get a chance to actually get it so I noticed these pants in my closet.
When I tell you they gave me exactly the look that I've always wanted to accomplish. This look give me such a preppy chic feels. But this looks really came together for me and so much people have received it so well.
 It's probably like one of my favorite like, if I had to be defined by a look my blog
THIS ONE.  I love a lot that I post on the blog but this baby here I'm telling you I absolutely adore it. You can find both  pieces here in here. So easy to be styled so versatile in fact this lacey number actually comes in black and so is my goal to get in some black and actually wear it with these pants as well. Pants are from fashion to figure a place that you might see a lot on my blog its because I am a  style influencer over there. You can use my code Tellylovesfashion for actually 30% off! 
I'm the plug LOL 
I hope you guys are having a good day and I hope this Blog receives  you well. 
Much love Telly

Hair styled by : Lotta Body Products 


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  1. yes, yes and YES!!!! Love everything about this, especially the hair!!!

    xx, Chanda |


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